The only way to stop a chargeback in its tracks.

We collaborate with issuers and card networks to address customer disputes and fraud events through the Ethoca and Verifi Network, proactively refunding payments before the chargeback is filed to avoid it completely.

Detect chargebacks

We leverage Ethoca and Verifi alerts to provide awareness fast, enabling the early detection of potentially fraudulent activities or irregularities. Allowing you to significantly reduce your dispute rates proactively.

Response & mitigate

Our partnerships with Ethoca and Verifi ensure instant notification of abnormal transactions, enabling merchants to respond promptly and implement mitigation measures to prevent further fraudulent activities or financial losses. 

Reduce costs

By preventing chargebacks before they escalate, you will save significantly on your chargeback fee. Meaning you can use your resources more efficiently, focusing efforts on core operations rather than dealing with the aftermath of fraudulent transactions.

Fully integrated

With Ethoca and Verifi seamlessly integrated into the platform, you can enjoy a unified platform for fraud detection and prevention, having all your data in one place.

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