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We're the one-stop-shop for detecting fraudulent payments, preventing chargebacks and fighting them for leading brands across industries.

"We switched to ChargebackStop from Chargebacks911 and their platform's performance has been fundamental to our continued growth. Our dispute rate went from 0.8% to 0.02% while saving us over 60% of costs. On top of that, they are an absolute delight to work with. Highly recommend!"

Joel Moss

CEO, Social Boost

"We signed up for ChargebackStop as our dispute rate started going up rapidly. Within a few days, they protected us from several disputes and also mitigated a card testing attack, eventually bringing the dispute rate to 0.1%. ChargebackStop has been absolutely crucial to our protecting our business."

Elston Baretto

CEO, Tiiny Host

Prevent disputes

Lower your dispute rate

Instantly begin lowering your dispute rate with pre-chargeback alerts. Most customers see a 95% reduction in dispute activity in less than two months.

Full coverage across

Recover revenue

A better way to fight chargebacks

Our platform helps you craft better responses to chargebacks, ensuring your team is recovering as much as possible, as effectively as possible.

Improve performance

Accept more payments

Majority of customers see a 5-8% revenue uplift after two months of working with us. With chargebacks under control and any risk fully mitigated you can lift aggressive fraud rules that you likely had put in place before us. We'll work with you to manage risk & reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you prevent disputes?

We work with the card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) to offer pre-chargeback alerts. These allow you to refund a transaction before it comes in as a dispute, helping you avoid the impact on your dispute rate and the dispute fee.

What's the difference between Early Fraud Warnings?

Early Fraud Warnings (EFW) from processors like Stripe are messages from the networks that could indicate certain transactions were processed fraudulently. These are offered by most processors at no extra cost. However, in practice, only 20-30% of disputes have EFWs before they are raised, and only 60-80% of EFWs turn into disputes. Therefore, you'll either not actually catch that many chargebacks or will likely over-refund many transactions.

Our pre-chargeback alerts are received 95% of the time before a chargeback comes in and are 100% accurate, so you can rest assured you're not over-refunding customers.

How much does it cost?

All our pricing is per-alert and goes down as your volume increases. You're free to cancel at any time and never locked in. Your exact price depends on your industry and volume. Get in touch to see your exact pricing. Contact us.

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