Compelling Evidence

Simple definition
Proof the business shows to fight a chargeback.
Expanded definition
Documentary evidence provided by the merchant to dispute and contest a chargeback claim.


When disputing chargebacks, solid documentation is a merchant's best weapon. Compiling robust evidence distinguishes righteous representments from fruitless complaints. Understanding what documents to furnish - and how to employ them persuasively - creates an impenetrable justification that banks cannot refute.

Strong Evidence Delivers Clear Stories

Evidence proving order completion and cardholder receipt tells the merchant's side of the story. Key documents include:

  • Itemized receipts substantiating order details
  • Shipping proofs confirming delivery to the cardholder
  • Signature records verifying acceptance
  • Emails demonstrating customer correspondence
  • Website snapshots showing policies at time of purchase
  • IP addresses tracking cardholder activities

With thorough paper trails, chargeback narratives become coherent and compelling.

Strategic Presentation of Documents

For maximum impact, present evidence strategically:

  • Organize records chronologically to illustrate the sequence.
  • Highlight relevant passages supporting merchant claims.
  • Index multiple documents for quick review.
  • Concisely summarize how evidence refutes cardholder disputes in an accompanying letter.
  • Provide trail of communication with customers.
  • Note which chargeback reason codes are successfully challenged.

Evidence molded into persuasive arguments wins disputes.

The Bottom Line

Chargeback battles are ultimately wars of evidence. Meticulously compiled documentation with thoughtful presentation allows merchants to emerge victoriously from any challenged transaction.