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AiApply Reduces Chargebacks by 95% Within 2 Months

Written by
Che Sampat
Published on
June 5, 2024



AiApply, an innovative AI-driven company, offers a suite of job tools designed to automate and streamline the job application process. Utilising advanced large language models (LLMs) and AI, AiApply simplifies job seeking with features such as job matching services and automated application processes. Despite their technological advancements, AiApply faced a significant challenge with chargebacks, threatening their revenue and operational efficiency.


AiApply began experiencing a high rate of chargebacks and disputes, which could exceed the acceptable thresholds set by Visa and Mastercard. This posed a risk to their Stripe account, potentially leading to suspension, lost revenue, downtime, and damage to their financial standing. Managing these chargebacks in-house was time-consuming and diverted resources away from their growth objectives. AiApply needed a solution to automate the process, reduce the dispute rate below 0.5%, and free up internal resources.


As an existing Stripe customer, AiApply turned to the ChargebackStop Stripe App to enable pre-chargeback alerts that automatically refund payments for incoming disputes before they arrived, avoiding the impact on their dispute rate and ensuring continued processing on Stripe. ChargebackStop provided a Stripe-powered, click-and-go solution that seamlessly integrated with AiApply’s existing infrastructure and tools. This integration automated the refund processes and subscription cancellations for incoming chargebacks, allowing them to be avoided altogether.


Integration was straightforward. Once AiApply’s Stripe account was connected to the platform, ChargebackStop automatically began the process of receiving pre-chargeback alerts from the card networks. This seamless sync between Stripe and ChargebackStop enabled AiApply to automate the chargeback management process without any heavy lifting, freeing up their team to focus on other business pursuits.


Fewer chargebacks

Within two months, ChargebackStop helped AiApply reduce its dispute rate by 95%, far exceeding their initial goal of a 0.5% dispute rate.

Better operational efficiency

Previously the AiApply team was spending upwards of 12 hours a week responding to low-value chargebacks.  But with ChargebackStop this went down to almost 0 hours per week and allowed the team to focus on more important activities.

The integration was simple, and the results have been outstanding. We appreciate the personal touch, having someone we can message on Slack. Our relationship with the team is great, and their support is always personal and prompt.

Peter Utekal - CTO of AiApply

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