Accept more payments

Lift fraud rules through chargeback control

Having chargebacks completely under control means you can remove aggressive fraud rules and the worry of being blocked from payment platforms for being too high-risk.

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Eliminate your dispute rate

Stop chargebacks, save on expenses

Take a proactive approach to chargebacks. Prevent them from happening, and save on fees and operational expenses.

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Why we exist?

Software companies are missing out on up to 5% of revenue due to chargebacks and blocked payments.

Yes — while it's easier than ever to monetise your SaaS and accept payments online (thanks, Stripe!), it's harder than ever to responsibly scale without leaving money on the table.

Most software companies have two challenges with payments:

  1. Dealing with chargebacks. They are expensive ($20 each!), time consuming to defend, and if you receive too many risk having your account shut down.
  2. Accepting more payments. In an effort to tame fraudulent chargebacks most will have agressive fraud blocking rules or extremely generous refund policies.

That's why we built — to give every software company control of their chargebacks.

Our team have been scaling payments at software companies like VEED.IO, Monzo, Whereby, Canva, & more.

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